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How to make a Black white photo in Photoshop

After watching this Bangla Photoshop cs5 tutorial, you will be able to Create a pure black and white Picture in Photoshop CS5 extended. & fully customization with Photoshop Gradient adjustment layer. Using this adjustment layer, you can add any color you want. Sometimes you may want your portrait to be black & white but a single spot in color. I […]

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Photoshop cs5 Bangla Video Tutorial, Content-aware Fill

In this Photoshop cs5 Bangla video tutorial, I will show you Photoshop cs5 brand new feature ‘content aware feel’ option. Using this option you can magically remove any unwanted part of your image. This option will decrease your time on photo editing.   Learn designing and be a professional freelance graphics designer from Bangladesh. Ask me if any thing is […]

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Photoshop cs5 tutorial, quick selection technique.

We Photoshop user often need to do a selection on the photograph. Usually, we use the pen tool, for what we have to spend a lot of time.  But Photoshop cs5 brand new feature comes very handy, now we can create a selection in just a few seconds by using quick selection tool. Photoshop cs4 introduced us with refine edge […]

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Photoshop Bangla Video Tutorial – Removing Unwanted Facemark

This is the most popular and effective photoshop Bangla video tutorial of this website. In this graphics design Bangla tutorial, I am gonna show the easiest way to remove an unwanted mark from your photograph using Photoshop cs5. after watching this free tutorial, you will know how handy to remove any mark from a photograph using the patch tool. just follow […]

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Photoshop cs5 Bangla Video Tutorial (Basic)

If you work on adobe Photoshop, you must know about Photoshop layer palate.  No photo editor can do a work without knowing about Layer palate. in this movie I will show you some good feature of layer palate what will make a better idea on Photoshop. This is a good start to your vision to learn graphics design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWmVFxFsGAA

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